• Minimalist Style Jewellery

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Minimalist Style Jewellery

Celebrating Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Diamonds as Natural & Unique as You!



Salt and pepper diamonds are priced conservatively, allowing the wearer to enjoy more beauty, more character, and more carat weight, all while taking less from the earth. They’re also proudly eco-friendly. While tons of earth have to be extracted to find a handful of certified white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are more readily available than traditional ones.

A classic white diamond reflects light outward – pushing its sparkle and shine towards its spectator. A salt and pepper diamond does just the opposite – it emits less light, and instead pulls you into its complex and captivating beauty.

On Trend

And maybe those flaws

that you so desperately try to hide

are the fireflies, the stars, the light

in someone else’s eyes

- Anavi