My love for salt and pepper diamonds began when I worked with Down to Earth Diamonds in 2008. The diamonds were flawed, full of dancing flecks and specs within each stone, very unusual, intriguing, and breathtakingly beautiful!

Ironically, in the 12 years that it took for me to finally source and start setting these gorgeous diamonds, I sold the most incredible classic jewellery, including in my position (for over five years) as sales executive at Cartier Boutique (Sandton, South Africa).

The diamonds used by Cartier are among the best in the world, and while I felt incredibly privileged to sell these timeless classics, I couldn’t forget the exquisite uniqueness of every precious flawed diamond.

I have now realised that my true passion is to share these honest, humble, generous, and eco-friendly diamonds. It has led me to setting up PEPPA ROK in 2020. Our style is minimalistic, allowing each diamond to be celebrated, capturing its owner’s heart.

- Lara Basslian



A collection of minimalist jewellery which celebrates salt and pepper diamonds, their brilliance unleashed and untamed! Discovering ‘birthmarks’ – their unique flaws – makes these soul stones interesting and fascinating.

In shades of silver, grey, and charcoal, with salt and pepper markings, they’re especially celestial, seemingly reflecting the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Their true splendour is that no two stones are the same; each as original as your own fingerprint.

Salt and pepper diamonds are priced conservatively, allowing the wearer to enjoy more beauty, more character, and more carat weight, all while taking less from the earth. They’re also proudly eco-friendly. While tons of earth have to be extracted to find a handful of certified white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are more readily available than traditional ones.

A classic white diamond reflects light outward – pushing its sparkle and shine towards its spectator. A salt and pepper diamond does just the opposite – it emits less light, and instead pulls you into its complex and captivating beauty.

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